Research Training Group

Promotion of Young Researchers in the Integrated Research Training Group

Associated to SFB 804 is a research training group (Graduiertenkolleg) for graduate students pursuing their Ph.D., either as doctoral students working in the respective project sections of SFB 804, as associated doctoral students in related fields, and as young researchers studying with a scholarship-program of SFB 804, participating in events and programs of SFB 804 and pursuing their own dissertation project.

The Integrated Research Training Group offers a structured program to train young researchers in the interdisciplinary and epoch-spanning approaches of SFB 804 and to assist them in the completion of their individual dissertations

The concept of the research training group combines a intensive guidance by the respective research directors on a very high level without infringing upon the liberties of individual research by the respective young doctoral candidates. Beyond common discussions and seminars on research topics there is also practical assistance in writing and research workshops as well as training for career development. These were instituted upon specific request by graduate students themselves. Financial grants and scholarships will provide assistance for excellent young researchers from Germany and abroad to be associated to SFB 804 and to give doctoral candidates the opportunity for extended trips for research in foreign countries.

The structured curriculum is based on five complementary formats:

  • Basic seminars will disseminate concise understanding on the basic concepts of SFB 804 and relevant research problems, terminologies and theories. This contributes to a recurring revision and further development of the overall research program.
  • Regular colloquia will offer the opportunity to doctoral candidates to present their dissertation projects in concise form, to practice and improve techniques of presentation.
  • The lectures in the lecture series of SFB 804 in each semester will be complemented by breakfast workshop with the speaker and the doctoral candidates. On occasions like this, not only the lecture itself will be subject to further discussion, but also certain aspects of individual dissertation projects will be commented upon. The doctoral candidates themselves will also be in charge of the moderation of these talks.
  • Workshops initiated by doctoral candidates themselves will offer to the young researchers the opportunity to gather from different research contexts and to put individual dissertation projects into a common, shared perspective. To these events, conceptualized as workshops on topics, theory, or methods, guest scholars are invited
  • who were chosen by the respective convenors of the workshop.Workshop-seminars, occasionally with external experts, intend to optimize the key qualifications essential to complete dissertations and at the same time to prepare doctoral candidates for the post-doctoral phase and for career entry.

Project Director

Prof. Dr. Gerd Schwerhoff

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Dr. Gernot Kamecke

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